While you and your friends are at home twirling your thumbs we would like to give back... have a good laugh.

WHAT IS #DidTheMission?

#DidTheMission™ is a fun party card game of the adult variety. It's meant to be played by a group of people. Each round presents a mission and you must complete the round!

This social card game is simple to play. It's recommended to play with a group of people, preferably 3 or more players. Each round, one player picks a phrase card and a mission card. The player will use that phrase to earn points by way of one of the various mission cards. Some mission cards will prompt other players to win the round.

Be prepared to earn points by way of prank calls, social media, being creative with play on words, or drinking something. Before you know it this will be the best card game for you and your friends that is played at every party or game night!

Our Testimonials

Claire B.

"This is a once in an all generations party game. My grandpa prank called a strip club. I was literal crying. I needn't say more."

Some Podcast

"Can we just give it 6 stars?" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

James R.

"My improv team played this after one of our shows. If improv and play on words is your thing this is the only game. The only one."

Carter L.

"Delightfully taboo and inappropriate.. this is the most diverse game I've played for game night."