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Iowa Grad Setting Out To Make A Difference

One University of Iowa grad has set out to make a major impact during unprecedented times. He has taken an unconventional route in doing so but hopes it will pay off in the end.

A little over a year ago, Tyler Nieland (31), of Omaha, NE met with a legal team for a product that he had been developing for 6 months at the time. With no idea where to start in protecting his content this was a pivotal point in getting the concept moving further. Just recently, he made an investment that he hopes will change, not only his life, but other's lives... in a big way.  His product, a party card game.
"Never in my lifetime would I have thought I'd be creating a party card game," Nieland said.

Nieland has always been creative, adventurous, and had an entrepreneurial spirit. However, what makes him special is that he has always wanted to make an impact.

"I have always told myself if one of my ideas comes to fruition I'm going to get out there and discover some communities that are lacking in resources. I really want to give back."

Party card games are a multi-million dollar industry that Nieland hopes to be able to leverage in a positive way by taking his success in hopes to give back in the future. Furthermore, he hasn't found any games that have made their mission solely about a greater cause.

"Through my own research it isn't apparent that there are any other products in the space that are advocating for communities that are ignored or haven't been discovered around the world. Hopefully we can be an influence to get that needle moving and create a donation pool for these communities from the momentum we have with our products," he said.

If nothing else, it's about a bigger meaning and making a change for Nieland. It is alarming to him how many people are living off of less than $1.25 per day in our world and he hopes to make as much of an impact as he can through his startup DidTheMission LLC.

 "If I can make an impact in communities that are undiscovered, ignored, and forgotten about it would be such an amazing opportunity. That's where I'm headed and I won't stop until I get there... and then I'll never stop. Those are such big opportunities to be fulfilled in life. For now, the support on this journey is much appreciated.

The expected release date for their game #DidTheMission™ is November 1st on the Amazon platform.

In the meantime, you can help by following the Instagram page for updates @didthemission