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New Party Card Game In Production

#DidTheMission, a new party card game, has started production as of today. If you haven't heard about it yet, it won't be long before the trend starts to move. The game concept revolves around one phrase created by two words picked at random. Once the phrase is chosen the player uses that phrase with a mission card for the round. Each mission has it's own point system and you play to 18 points. In a nutshell it's a modern rendition of play on words for adults.

"The best part is no two games will ever be the same. It's taboo, which ads some spice to it, but among the mission cards you may have to post on social media, prank call another player's contact, or use your creativity and whit to come up with a funny definition or sentence with the phrase that was chosen for the round," says creator, Tyler Nieland.
His team is excited to get things underway as they will be able to get the game out in time for the holiday season. Starting a business and product don't always come easy which Nieland has started to realize.

"With the whole covid-19 situation we have run into some detours but I think we will be just fine" said Nieland.

The detour he is talking about is that Amazon warehouses have put a restriction on new products for Q4 of 2020 due to the company needing to make sure there is space for essential items. DidTheMission LLC is only able to have 200 units in the fulfillment centers. Their original plan was to have 2400 units shipped in to their designated Amazon fulfillment warehouse but they have been able to build a strategy around that.

"It's a huge cost to have products shipped into the U.S. from China. Our goal was to make sure that cost was at a minimum. We will be able to ship and store inventory in one location. Fortunately, we are confident that we can move product and get that minimum number of 200 units bumped up to avoid additional shipping costs moving forward" he said.
In the meantime, you can print a free version of the game off at www.didthemission.com or follow their Instagram @didthemission