Draw one white and one black word card to combine into a phrase. Next, read the phrase out loud. For example, "Dingleberry Issue" would be the phrase for this round.
Draw one #DidTheMission mission card. Read the mission out loud to the group. If you choose not to complete the card you will not receive any points for the round. You cannot pass on these cards: Create-A-Definition OR Use In a Sentence.
If you choose to pass on a card, any other player can steat the card (each player is allowed three steals per game). First Player to say, "Steal!" gets a chance at completing the card for its point value.
Every Player keeps track of their own score.
How to win the game:
18 points
First Player to 19 points wins the game.
Exhaust all #DidTheMission mission cards, Player with the most points wins the game.
Team Play
Pick teams, Alternate turns between teams for picking Word and Mission cards. If your team member chosses to pass while it is your team's turn your team loses out on the points. The next team draws new cards. if any team draws a Create-A-Definition or Use In A Sentence mission card the points go to the team whos player created the winning answer. Play points or a Blackout.