Our Mission

Fans of #DidTheMission, 

We wanted to start off by saying we are very thankful and appreciative of you visiting the website and diving into our mission!

We wanted to let you in on a little secret to the long term vision here at DidTheMission LLC.  We have always wanted to make an impact around the world. Our mindset has always been, we're going to come up with a amazing products that friends and family can enjoy, start a donation pool from the success, and use that to go out and make a difference. Well, what does that look like? We're not exactly 100% sure yet.  As with any company philanthropy is an important piece to giving back. Our team would love nothing more than to help create a better life for people who don't necessarily get to experience the freedom/resources we have daily.  Additionally, we will continually be working to figure out ways to use more sustainable material as we take this journey.

So, we're producing this kick-ass game to you and hopefully for your family and friends, and friends of your family and friends (ok, you get the idea). We hope it helps you spend some time with friends and family to create some good laughs and memories.